Understanding And Managing Delirium

Delirium is common and affects about 30% of patients admitted to hospital from the community and is a frequent concern within care homes. This online training course been designed to increase your knowledge about delirium, its signs and effectively manage delirium while ensuring the patients safety and dignity is a priority throughout. This course will guide you through what is delirium, screening and recognizing the signs, the risk factors associated with it and how to effectively communicate and assist a patient with delirium.

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Delirium is a sudden deterioration in mental functioning, triggered by an acute illness of the body or brain, acute injury or drug intoxication. It’s most common amongst older people, particularly those with other cognitive impairments. If left untreated, the risk of prolonged illness and potential death increases. It’s very common yet can be difficult to recognise and diagnose. Delirium has a far-reaching impact. Delirium also causes significant distress for family, caregivers and healthcare staff. The misconception that age involves cognitive decline means delirium and serious underlying illness are at risk of being missed, but all those involved in the care of older people with advanced diseases should be familiar with the main features of delirium. In this course, ‘Understanding & Management of Delirium’, we cover the basics in the areas of caring for patients with delirium. Through this course, we will examine: exactly what delirium is and it’s main risk factors: how to detect delirium in the older adult, how to assess the symptoms of delirium and what care should be given to people with delirium. This course is a supplementary aid and should complement other training that you have previously undertaken. Course covers: What is Delirium? Issues with Delirium Assessment and Diagnosis Treatment Differences Devices: PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone Online Course: Approximately 20 minutes.

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