Understanding Challenging Behaviours

All behavior is a form of communication and some people with a dementia may communicate through aggressive or agitated behaviour. As a healthcare professional, it is important you can understand the emotions behind these behaviors and analyze the persons needs while maintaining their dignity and self-esteem. This online course will take you through the common signs, causes and reasons behind it and present practical, real-world techniques to manage and deescalate situations for the well-being of patient and other residents.

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Course Access : Lifetime
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This is a course on ‘Managing Behaviours that are Challenging or Distressing’. This course will look at the basics in the area of caring for patients with behaviors that are challenging or distressing. Interpreting the behaviour of a person with dementia requires a lot of patience. To improve your understanding, this course will teach you how to identify any specific situations or events which triggers distressing behaviour and how to respond to them. Remember that this course is a supplementary aid and should complement other training that you have previously undertaken. Course covers: Interpreting Behaviours Triggers De-Escalation Assessment Techniques Sexuality and Dementia Devices: PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone Online Course: Approximately 30 minutes

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